Welcome to my  informational web site.

When I tried to develop my first web site, I searched books, and the internet for as much information, as possible.  Many books, and web sites were incomplete, and/or written beyond my capabilities, and my frustration increased.

My  purpose is to supply simple, and basic codes for the novice, and beginner, such as background, link, download, popup box, table,  frames, and meta tag, etc. with examples. Check, radio, and drop down box codes with the submit button feature are, also, included.   There are no frills, and everything is presented in basically the same format for a learning tool, as the example at the bottom of this page.  Quizzes, and a training guide are included.

A person can, also, download family-oriented wallpaper .bmp files at 640 by 480 resolution within the web site, which are used to demonstrate some of the codes.
Thumbnail representations of the graphics are shown below.

Please note that a person agrees with the terms and conditions for access, which are as follows:

1) The pages, information, and graphics can be downloaded, copied from this website, and/or printed for personal nonprofit use only.  The basic codes can be copied, and pasted, but not printed.

2) All items on this website, except for the public domain HTML Codes, are copyrighted, and can only be used, and published on this web site only.

3) A person can only use the free .bmp wallpaper downloads on their personal computer at home, and/or work.

4) Sending any item, and/or graphic, via E-mail, or by any other means is prohibited, including uploading to a server.

5) No customer support is supplied, and the codes are "as is", since all configurations, and browses may not support all the examples, as given within this web site.

6) There are no products sold, but people are encouraged to buy products, after clicking on the advertisements from the advertisers within the pages, which will provide support for this web site.  All affiliates are responsible for their products, and/or services.  If knowledge is achieved, please click, and buy at your convenience to demonstrate your support.





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